Titans at Blizzard Game Preview

Photo Credit: LJW Photography
Photo Credit: LJW Photography

The Green Bay Blizzard will look to get their first win of the season under new head coach Corey Roberson against the Cedar Rapids Titans this Sunday at the Resch Center.  The Titans enter the game with a 1-5 record, with their last win coming against the Blizzard in week two.

The Titans suffered a 59-45 loss at home against the Iowa Barnstormers last week and will look to improve their defense in Green Bay. The Cedar Rapids defense gave up 296 total yards and failed to defend against the pass as Iowa's Drew Powell completed 13-14 passes with 3 touchdowns.  However, a bright spot is that the one pass that he did not complete was an interception. Quarterback Jake Medlock led the Titan offense with 202 yards passing and 2 touchdowns. The team relied solely on the pass however, with 46 attempts through the air, but only totaled 25 yards on the ground.  

For the Blizzard, they are coming off two bye weeks in a row and have had major changes to their roster.  Former defensive coordinator Corey Roberson has taken over the head coach position for Chris Williams and will be looking to start off on the right foot.  New Quarterback Bryan Hicks will lead the offense as QBs Raymond Cotton and Christian Lemay were released. Running back Serge Trezy will take over as the primary running back with Washaun Ealey and Jasen Oden Jr. also being let go.  However, the team has signed an extra wide receiver in Kezlow Smith, who has experience with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Titans relied heavily on the pass in their last game and expect them to continue this against the Blizzard secondary that has no interceptions on the year.  Cedar Rapids will also be looking to improve their third down conversions as they were only 4 for 11 in the previous game.

Quarterback Jake Medlock will be the key player for the Titans and will be the focal point for the offense once again.  They will to him to pass the ball a lot and to place pressure on the Blizzard defense. That being said, the key to the game will ultimately be the Blizzard defense.  If the Blizzard pass rush can cause pressure and get to Medlock, it will disrupt their gameplan. In addition to this, if B.J. Hill and Manny Asprilla can cut off the passes, this will lead to the Titans having to run the ball, which they have recently struggled with.

The Blizzard offense will be a huge part of the game as it may look different under the new head coach. Look for a more mixed attack from the Blizzard to keep the Titans off balance in their defensive play calls.

The game kickoffs at 3:05 p.m. on Sunday, April 145.